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Welcome to Who’s EnVogue, the online news publication for professionals in all things luxury.

Luxury marketing has progressed a great deal over the last 5 years. With % of sales now being online, it is as crucial as ever that top brands have the best digital marketing strategy in place. 

We’re launching Who’s EnVogue to shed a light on the luxury marketeers and brands who have taken the internet by storm and contributed to this success.

Every month we sit down with the stars of luxury marketing, and ask the questions that industry professionals are eager to know. How did you achieve such growth in e-commerce sales, what was your most profitable marketing spend, what are you investing in next and seriously, how do we correctly measure influencer marketing ROI!?


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We thought we’d kick things off in the most EnVogue way possible, so we went up in the skies with Leonie Hanne, one of the fashion world’s top influencers and international models. We discussed where luxury fashion is heading, how brands can leverage influencer marketing no matter the budget and what are the must-have aspects of a top-performing fashion production & campaign.


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